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Unlike traditional tube style scopes which can obstruct the field of view and cause a "tunnel vision" effect, the C-MORE Heads-Up Display provides an unobstructed sight picture in which the red dot hovers on the sight line, illuminating the point of impact on the target, creating the fastest target acquisition in existence.

Both eyes open operation allows full use of your peripheral vision. This allows you to quickly identify and acquire targets without leaving your sight picture.

The C-MORE uses a 29mm beam-splitter lens made of glass, not plastic. The lens is hard coated for maximum scratch resistance while the parallax free design enables targets to be acquired without the need to center the dot in the lens. Basically, the dot can be located anywhere in the lens and it will represent the point of impact, even if the lens is shattered or obstructed.

Unlimited, unobstructed field of view
Both eyes open operation
Parallax free design

Optical sighting devices often use the term "parallax free" as a unique feature.

Sadly, it is misrepresentation unless it provides adjustability for parallax error at various ranges (some rifle scopes have an adjustment for this purpose). Optical devices are designed to be free of parallax at a specified distance. With that said, it is obvious that all optical devices experience some degree of parallax error when used at distances other than the engineered distance. In reality this variation is negligible! Optical designs are engineered so that parallax error is minimal within the suggested operating range of the device. Basically, the parallax error is so minute that it has no effect on performance.

"Parallax Free" is the ability of an optical device to operate with minimal or no parallax within its anticipated operating range.

Hopefully this will bring some clarification to an often intentionally misused phrase.


Parallax: an apparent change in the direction of an object, caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight.

Optical: 1. Of or pertaining to sight. 2. Designed to assist sight.

Sight: 8. A device used to assist aim by guiding the eye, as on a firearm or surveying instrument.