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The C-MORE Tactical sight mounts to all Colt M-16 / AR-15 rifles and carbines, including the M-4, that utilize a flat top upper receiver. By directly attaching to the upper receivers picatinny rail, the Tactical sight replaces the removable carry handle (if applicable) and also provides a replacement A-2 style rear aperture sight. The Tactical promotes extremely fast target acquisition by eliminating an obstructed field of view and allowing you to shoot with both eyes open in an enhanced peripheral view, while also enabling you to retain the use of your iron sights as a back up system and for longer yardage shots.
The Tactical Sight is available in three models, the difference being the body type and the intensity switch. With each model, you choose the color of the sight and the size of the dot. Aluminum models are available in Black only.
Model Description Body Type Intensity Switch Application
TAC Standard Tactical Polymer Standard Colt M-16 / AR-15 rifles and carbines, including the M-4, with a flat top upper receiver.
CTAC Click Tactical Polymer Click
ATAC Aluminum Tactical Aluminum Click
ATAC Model


The Heads-Up-Display provides an unobstructed field of view, while the integral mount increases accuracy and eliminates weight by uniting the mount and sight into one unit. This provides the fastest target acquisition in existence today. more...


Unsurpassed in performance and reliability, C-MORE electronics have proven tough enough to handle the hottest loads from large calibers and full auto. more...


Interchangeable diode modules allow the use of six optional dot sizes for different applications. These modules produce the brightest, clearest dot available, and extremely long battery life. more...


The C-MORE windage and elevation adjustments are designed to hold zero in the toughest environments by using positive locking screws which lock the adjustment screws in position. more...

The Tactical Sight mounts to the Picatinny Rail on flattop upper receivers, just like a removable carry handle. The sight is fastened to the rail with the two large thumb nuts.
Black or Olive Drab Green
(Aluminum models available in Black only)
Dimensions TAC CTAC ATAC
Length 7.0 in.
(254.00 mm)
7.0 in.
(254.00 mm)
7.0 in.
(254.00 mm)
Width 1.25 in.
(31.75 mm)
1.25 in.
(31.75 mm)
1.25 in.
(31.75 mm)
Height - Overall 2.50 in.
(63.50 mm)
2.50 in.
(63.50 mm)
2.50 in.
(63.50 mm)
Weight 12.0 oz.
(340.2 g)
12.0 oz.
(340.2 g)
13.5 oz.
(382.7 g)
Lens 29 mm, Glass 29 mm, Glass 29 mm, Glass
Dual Positive Locking System Yes Yes Yes
Max Adjustment -
Windage & Elevation
800moa 800moa 800moa
Body Type Polymer Polymer Aluminum
Circuit Board / Hard Mounted Components Yes Yes Yes
Intensity Switch Standard Click Click
Standard Dot Size 6 moa 6 moa 6 moa
Battery - 3V Lithium
Duracell DL1/3N or Energizer 2L76
Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life (Continuous Hours) 300-1500 300-1500 300-1500
Colt M-16 / AR-15 rifles and carbines, including the M-4, with a flat top upper receiver. Yes Yes Yes
M-16 / AR15 and M4 Iron Sight Co-Witness Capable Yes Yes Yes
Type Retaining / Thumb nut Retaining / Thumb nut Retaining / Thumb nut
Submerge Depth 200 m 200 m 200 m